Road Adventures

Our Road Adventures are four-night trips loaded with fabulous cycling and great food. We’ll show you the region’s best tarmac, treat you to mind blowing views and ensure you make the very best of your time on and off the bike. They’re perfect for busy people in need of escape.

Off Road Adventures

Our Off Road Adventures are rewarding and restorative experiences and if you’re keen to travel beyond the tarmac and explore our region’s wilder side, these trips are for you. Join us with a group of mates or like-minded people and discover the Ariège from the other side 

Bespoke Adventures

Bespoke Trips

Let us create a tailor made itinerary for you and your family or friends, your team or your colleagues and clients. We’ll work together to build an adventure that fits with your group’s individual requirements, and with almost endless possibilities we can devise something truly unique. Come and ride with us on your terms.

Brevet Adventures

Our brevet trips are multi day adventures into the Haute Pyrénées; iconic climbs, stunning scenery and a team of Zero Neuf staff and guests to support you. We take our time; its an adventure not a race and we let nature set the schedule and leave life behind, as we ride into the wilderness and let the beauty of the high Pyrénées do its thing.

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